BridgeMaxx Beats Bresnan?

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As noted a while ago, I tried BridgeMaxx to no avail in the downtown area…but recently gave it another shot in the Riverview neighborhood – and holy cow am I impressed. It’s faster than Bresnan, even – and I’m talking virtually zero lag-time on sites like YouTube. Hmmm…interesting. Literally plug-it-in simple, haven’t had any outages in the first week, and the speed has been consistent. Time to dump Bresnan?



  1. I’ve heard of customer service issues with BridgeMaxx. Please continue to give us your experience with BridgeMaxx. I’d like to dump Bresnan (I have the 8 MB connection). I was paying the extra 10 bucks per month for the 15 MB connection, but since Bresnan can’t guarantee that speed, I dropped it.

  2. I have a friend, now passed on, that lived over by Ace hardware on 10th avenue. He had Bresnan, and the speed-plus plan, only to get the 8mb connection on a regular basis. Yes he hardly ever got the connection that he was paying for. Yes he submitted many reports on his connection to the local office, and the most he got was that ‘they were working on it’. Now, I’m a bresnan users as well, AND live in Riverview, AND would like nothing better than for Bresnan to get some serious competition. Bridgemaxx is similar to Bresnan in that the bandwidth for a given area is indirectly proportional to how many people are using the system (connected to the tower if Bridgemaxx / local subnet if Bresnan). So Bridgemaxx is (so far) good in riverview because maybe there are not as many subscribers in this area. Its all on how many people are connected to a tower (Bridgemaxx) or a subnet (Bresnan) at one time. (and if they are just ‘surfing’ or downloading files, or playing online games)

  3. Thanks for the info Ron. Some competition for Bresnan would be great, since Qwest (or whatever it’s called now) hasn’t set up DSL across the city (they’ve only been working on that project for over 10 years now). I live in Riverview as well.

  4. While I have no personal experience with Bridgemaxx, I was looking into it as the place I am currently employed gets a discount on service there. I read some reviews and then checked them out on the better business bureau website and they are currently recieving an F due to their complaints from customers.. Just thought I’d share my 2 cents

  5. I had Bridgemaxx and it was a nightmare situation. I finally got rid of them in August of this year. I was paying $31 per month including the modem for less than 1mbps. They do not offer more than that to residential customers. I never got up to 1 mbps. Never. Almost every single day, the internet would go down for up to 4 hours or more. This would happen in the evening, after their offices had closed so that you couldn’t really reach them to complain. If you ever called them, you only got the same customer service lady, who was handling all tech calls. Every time my internet went down, they tried to say it was my fault, my computer, or I had played with the IP numbers (who does that?). They would never take responsibility for their bad service. One time, they totally shut me off and when I called them they said they had suspended my account because I had a virus that was stealing bandwidth. I questioned how in the world this could be, but they told me to solve the issue or I could not have my internet back. I spent 2 days trying to figure out the problem and hired someone to come in … who never found anything in my system. The next day I get a call from bridgemaxx telling me the mistake was on their end, and that it was a glitch in their system. I went without internet for 5 days over this. And that really hit me hard because I go to school online. These people are the worst I’ve ever dealt with when it comes to a business. Their tech support doesn’t know what they are doing. I didn’t want to have to go to Bresnan because they are outrageously high, but I guess it’s better to have some internet, then nothing at all.

  6. I used to have sofast and was happy with their service. Even living out in the boonies
    I had direct line to their towers. Then bridgemaxx took them over and they dropped me cause I was 20 miles out and they only go out up to 14 miles. Wasn’t happy when they just dropped me without notice. Well they have supposebly expanded their area. So gonna see if we are in their area now…

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