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Shameless plug for my my team! The KRTV sales crew is having a contest for the duration of the NFL season, and everyone in the newsroom has been assigned to one of the sales folks. Then each team was “aligned” with an NFL team. Now you guys all know that I’m not a sports fan…but in this case, I’m making an exception by cheering for the Minnesota Vikings. My “team leader” is KRTV sales woman extraordinaire Randa, and if she wins, then our whole team wins (beating out the other folks at KRTV).

I’m not sure how the contest works exactly, but it involves some sort of arcane calculation based on sales combined with how the Vikings perform, I think. SO…if you have ever thought about advertising on TV for your business or campaign (no matter how large or small), you should give Randa a call. She can help you plan the whole thing, including shooting the commercial, getting it on KRTV, etc. Give her a buzz at 406-791-5438. Go Team Randa!

And if you’re wondering why KRTV is your best choice for advertising in/around Great Falls…check this out.


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