Movie Day!

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Ventured to the Carmike theatre to see “Machete” on Sunday – and it was everything that I expected it to be! No point in a full-on review (if you like Rodriguez, you’ll like the flick), but will point out a couple of nice touches: the inclusion of the Crazy Baby-Sitter Twins, and the name of the Spanish-language TV station.

As far as the Carmike…I was actually pleasantly surprised. We weren’t frisked, and the service at the popcorn counter was actually quick and pleasant, and the popcorn was better than any of my visits in the last several years. And wouldja believe they have flavored popcorn now…but ugh – chocolate-flavored popcorn? And a nifty marketing touch: a pack of floss-picks attached to the popcorn bags!


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  1. May be the folks at Carmike have turned a corner. Hopefully they follow through on building the two large screens on the south? side of the theater. If you’re ever in Billings and want to catch a movie on a large screen… visit the Shiloh 14 Theater.

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