Rick at Jaker’s & Sip-N-Dip?

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Received this from an anonymous source…no idea if it’s true:

I have it on “good authority” that Rick Springfield was at Jaker’s last night (Thursday). Him and his girlfriend got into an argument, such that he and his band left without paying the bill. My friend who witnessed this said that the Jakers manager tried to go after them, asking who was going to pay the bill, and that he (Springfield) apparently treated the waiters like dirt.

I would be thrilled to learn that this is nothing more than gossip or wishful thinking (Rick ate at Jaker’s!). I would be even more thrilled to find out that Rick actually ate at, say, Howard’s Pizza or Goode’s Q, and regaled the staff with funny showbiz tales, gave autographs, and dropped a huge tip.
Of course, if it IS true, then it might be fun to imagine the scene, using Rick’s song titles to tell the story. “Don’t Talk…To Waiters…” etc.
So speak up – anyone who saw Rick out and about in Great Falls on Thursday night – can you confirm or deny any of this?

UPDATE: apparently Rick stopped at the Sip-N-Dip last night and posted a picture on his Facebook page! Wonder if he sang “Sweet Caroline” with Piano Pat?

UPDATE 2: Spoke with someone at Jaker’s who said that Rick was indeed there last night with about 7 other people, and there was a hint of unpleasantness – but not necessarily from Rick, but rather from someone in his party. Also told that he was a very good tipper – good to hear!


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