Most-Watched TV

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Check out this list of most-watched TV shows in Great Falls from the Trib – with only one exception, it’s all KRTV and CBS!

According to the May Nielsen ratings, the top 12 programs viewed are:
1. KRTV’s local 10 p.m. news Monday through Friday;
2. KRTV’s local 10 p.m. news Sundays;
3. “The Mentalist” on CBS (KRTV);
4. “NCIS” on CBS;
5. “Jeopardy!” on CBS ;
6. “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC (KFBB);
7. “NCIS: LA” on CBS;
8. “CSI” on CBS;
9. KRTV’s local news at 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday;
10. “CSI: NY” on CBS;
11. “The Good Wife” on CBS;
12. “Wheel of Fortune” on CBS.

It sure feels good to be part of the KRTV team 🙂


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