Droid X Arrives

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When the first Droid hit the market several months ago, I drooled a bit, kicked the tires, but ultimately was a bit disappointed – it was too bulky, and the keyboard and touch-screen just weren’t quite right. But I gave the new Droid X a test drive last week, and was WAY impressed. And although I still have a few months until I’m eligible for an upgrade to my beloved Blackberry, my lovely fiancee was not similarly constrained. After some impressive demonstrations from Stacie at the Verizon store on 10th, she was hooked. Her new toy arrived a few hours ago, and she is happily tapping and swyping away, learning all of the Droid X secrets. Sweet. BONUS: she had to switch from Alltel to Verizon, so we are now officially a VZW family!



  1. I’m leaning toward the HTC Incredible just because I don’t like how the X isn’t flat. I need to make up my mind because I get an upgrade any time now and my BlackBerry Storm has just about worn out its usefulness and goodwill in my life.

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