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  1. Love The Pink Ladies, I have them clean my house, I have used other cleaning people before but we were not pleased, I heard of them through a friend, and thought I would give them a try, figured that if I did not like what they did, I would just let them go. turns out that they proved good house cleaning is really out there and at a price that anyone can afford, not only do they take care of the dust bunnies and shine up the floors, they also are very sweet, and honest, the best part is that they love to go out of there way to do many extras no one else wants to do, and I feel they really love what they do.
    It is so great coming home to a clean house and being able to just relax after a long day at work, and knowing that there is nothing to re-clean and wow! the fragrance left after they leave is so soft, fresh and relaxing and last for days. if you want my word on this Unique company, They are what all cleaning people need to follow, They are at the top of their game and know what they are doing.
    They continue to surprise me with how great they all are, going far beyond what I ever expected in a cleaning company, I would highly recommend them to everyone, truly their work and attitudes say it all.

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