Nativity Scene

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Speaking of Jack The Blogger, he’s got a great post up today about native Montanans versus people – like me – who had the misfortune to be born elsewhere. It’s a funny piece, but there is some spice in there, too.

For sure, we non-natives just can’t love the state as much as those who were slapped on the butt for the first time at a local Montana hospital.
We non-native Montanans know all too well that being native to this great state makes one just a little better – because native Montanans are just more intelligent, more athletic, better looking, and they are just more-rounded in life as a whole.

Read the whole thing.
And in my defense – I have lived in Montana for more consecutive years than any other place – coming up on 8 years this month! – and I have had my 406 area code longer than any other phone number in my life. Does that give me enough MT-cred?



  1. As a transplant myself going on 37 years I think both of us can claim to be “real” Montanans. Since both of us have been around the world a bit and we KNOW that this is truly “God’s Country” I don’t harbor any hesitation to take anyone to task for disparaging this beautiful land we call home.

    Welcome home my friend.

  2. As a Real Native /\/\onTanan! I don’t have too much heartburn for those of you that have had the good sense to over come your “native” deficiencies and move here (Ted K from that shack in Lincoln excepted), as long as you don’t try to change us into where you came from…

    There was a reason we weren’t born there and you had the good sense to leave, after all.

    So feel free to put on a “Native (by choice) of Tropical /\/\onTana!” bumper sticker, and maybe someday we’ll teach you the secret hand shake!

    Curtis {!-{>

  3. I was born and raised here, went to college here, then moved to California for three short years. The co-workers at my job after I moved back kept forgetting about the Montana part of my bio and just kept assuming I was from California. It took a few years to be re-accepted as native.

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