Baker Bob’s: New & Improved!

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Stopped by the “new and improved” Baker Bob’s on Saturday and loved it. I’d been there maybe two or three times during my 8 years here – love the location, but was always somewhat confused – couldn’t tell what exactly was on the menu, and it always seemed a little too dark and forbidding.

But lo and behold – with the new owners on the scene, the place looks and feels so much brighter and just “fresher.” And the menu is much easier to understand!

Full disclosure: the new owners are friends of the family (and also the owners of the Good Eats Cafe)!


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  1. Hello, all! I own {In}spire Portrait, right next door to BB’s, let me say I am delighted to have John and Jan in the neighborhood. I am looking forward to growing with all my wonderful neighbors (Studio Montage, Candy Masterpiece, In Cahoots for Tea, Planet Earth and now Baker Bob’s new owners!

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