Air Jordans?

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It was Austin Powers who once said, “Who throws a shoe? Honestly?” Well, how about TWO shoes? That’s what Fred would like to know. As far as the meaning behind slinging shoes on a wire…who knows (thx Kev!)? We’ve been wondering how many attempts it took for the thrower to land this pair of shoes on the wire. Actually, that might be a neat event at the Montana State Fair – who can be the first to lob a pair of sneakers onto a power line?



  1. Unfortunatley, saw that happen all too often where I lived in Ca. Sad, yes, but old news. There’s some good shoe slingers in California.

  2. Out East in the cities, shoes thrown onto a telephone or electric wire means there’s a crackhouse really close by…I’m not sure if it means the same thing out West. : /

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