Sunday in Fort Benton

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Took a Sunday drive up to Fort Benton yesterday – what a wonderful community. Spent a little bit wandering around the annual “Summer Celebration,” enjoying the “Art On The Levee” crafters and woodworkers and candle-makers. Also tried some deep-fried Oreos. Yum.

Sunday in Fort Benton

How many of you, when you visit Fort Benton, are just a little bit tempted to move up there?



  1. My husband certainly is tempted when we’re sitting under the trees by the river on a summer’s day. My older son always wants to go up to Ft. Benton when we’re back in Great Falls for the pie at Bob’s restaurant. 😎

  2. The Grand Union hotel is a real nice place to stay at in Fort Benton. I didn’t care for the restaurant in the hotel (way too Californiaish for me).

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