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This is cool – Kerri Miller left a comment on an old entry a few minutes ago, but it deserves a front-page post. Here’s an edited version:

Great Falls Summer Arts Intensive- Do you want to be an actor or dancer? Jenna Ciralli, Mark Comer and Selena Coburn are all alumni of CMR High School. They left the beauty of Great Falls, Montana to pursue their dreams of performing on the big stage in New York City. These three…want to share their training experience…from some of the most prestigious institutes in NYC…with other young creative minds whom aspire to do the same.
Teens…who are interested in the arts, including acting, writing, directing or dancing, can sign up to participate in a 2 week intensive training session.
These sessions are being brought to the Great Falls area by a non-profit theatre group called The Relevance Group. To find out more information about the 2–week training program, please go to or call Jeffrey Galli at 732-829-2111.

Click here to read the full text, or visit the group’s website.


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