Good Dog!

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Susan Overfield is kicking off another session of dog training:

Montana’s nationally known dog behavior expert, Susan Overfield, will be starting another session of her popular “Saturday Dog” classes on Saturday, June 5, at her dog center in Vaughn, MT on June 5, 2010. Saturday classes run for two hours each Saturday morning, for five weeks (but not July 4). Because of its popularity, slots go fast. Pre-registration is required.
All of Susan Overfield’s training is guaranteed. She does not use choke chains, clickers or treats. For 38 years, dogs all over the U.S. have become healthy, happy members of their families using Susan’s method.

Visit Susan’s website (the name of which continues to puzzle me) for more details .



  1. I concur with the meaning of aahhtt!. When I was first dating my wife, she used the same word/sound to correct her dogs, but then it was easy for her to use that on me when I was about to procced into danger (or anything that she deemed bad) – so one day, I finally broke and said what all dogs probably wish they could utter: “Don’t Ahhtt me!”. and so she still uses it with our dog, but she uses other means to train me when she deems necessary.

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