1. I’ve always just used my husband, his friends, and their trucks. And a uhaul….once. Yup. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Kirsten…a uhaul and a bit of sweat. When we moved to Helena we researched moving companies and the unanimous comment from all the moving companies is it is more expensive to move with-in the state because in-state moves are regulated and it would be cheaper to move out of state. The cost was outrageous just to move 90 miles down the interstate!

  3. The only way to move within GF is as mentioned above. I have done it more times than I care to remember. If you have enough friends/family you can do it in a day or just fill up your SUV a few times before the furniture & you can be done over a week.
    Personally, I like to offer food to start & end the day with. If your friends have a reliable DD a six pack helps too!

  4. I totally agree… born and raised in Great Falls, I have moved across town more than a few times. I have always been able to get friends to help and in Montana, it is not unusual to have lots of friends with trucks! I have always done a little pre-planning and served up a BBQ. Things like baked beans and potato salad are easily made ahead of time and a BBQ is portable and is usually pretty easy to keep out of the way of traffic moving stuff in. And it’s easy to keep a cooler with beer and pop on ice and use paper plates to make cleanup a cinch.

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