Cheese Crisp Promo

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Cheese Crisp Promo Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Mt. St. Helen’s eruption in 1980. You know, that volcanic explosion that killed 57 people, covered millions of acres in ash, etc.

So how should we mark the occasion? Well, if you drive by Taco John’s on 10th Avenue South, you should celebrate by having a cheese crisp!

Seriously – when I drove by this morning, the fancy electronic billboard flashed “Today In History” followed by “Mt St Helen’s Erupts” and then tells us to mark the occasion by having a cheese crisp!

Hey, I’ll be the first in line for a cheese crisp – but…come on. #promofail, anyone?

like the kids say nowadays: YouTube or it didn’t happen. So on my lunch break, I stopped by Taco John’s and shot this video:



  1. They say tragedy+time=comedy, but I think 30 years might be a little short.

    What next? JB’s advertising Mashed Potatoes on the anniversary of the 1989 SF earthquake? An anniversary edition of Jenga commemorating 9/11?

  2. I’d go with Mashed Potatoes to celebate the anniversary of Close Encounters of the Third kind – but then you have to order a extra helping in order to have enough to make the Devil’s tower.

    Hate to chuckle at the Jenga / 9/11 image, but that is some fine dark humor.

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