Monday Update

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– Finally met Kenny Volk, the new(ish) owner of the convenience store on 5th Street downtown. I like him – smart, articulate guy. Kenny was my first online introduction to Great Falls back in 2002…some of you may know why – it involved Geocities…heh.

– Downtown Dog House for lunch on Saturday – always good stuff. Considered attempting the wall of fame, but the 2-pound dog – which I have no doubt I could handle – apparently has to include various toppings – which I can’t.

– The dog park is open again! One quibble: the water fountains still aren’t working. Not good. Why don’t they install a small, flat concrete section on each side of the dog park with little depressions that people could fill with bottled water?



  1. As to the dog park, I hear that the Animal Foundation knows because it has heard from vets and others about dogs picking up kennel cough and other diseases there. Are they warning people? These bacteria and viruses stay in the ground for a long time. Read here for what the veterinarians already know:

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