Thursday Linkage

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Susan over at Bark Outloud says that dogs are not fashion accessories. Pretty “biting” commentary (get it?).

Because I Can In Montana has a neat profile of The Lime Light, a newish store in town aimed at indoor gardening.

Shannon has what might be the coolest and/or scariest cake I’ve ever seen.

Fred talks about an upcoming “Face The State” segment featuring Rob Quist and the Mission Mountain Wood Band.

not GF-related, but I have to vent. Voting Michael Lynche off of “American Idol?” Seriously? The only true SINGER with actual TALENT that I have ever witnessed on that program, and America votes him off? For shame. But I have to believe that he will succeed as a singer post-Idol – he’s just too damn good not to be a success.



  1. David,

    Gotta disagree with you there. If you think Michael was the only true singer with talent that you have ever witnessed then you aren’t watching the show closely enough. I’m not saying he wasn’t talented (although his genre wasn’t my cup of tea)…but I don’t think you can say he’s the only one.

  2. Point taken, Rob — it’s true, because I am not a regular viewer of the show. But the few snippets of previous seasons that I’ve watched or overheard all sounded so amazingly dreary and similar, with no real “depth,” that when I heard Lynche’s singing a few weeks ago, his voice just knocked my socks off.

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