Kitchen Witch & Suki Cafe

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Found another Great Falls blogger: The Kitchen Witch! And unlike my very brief review of the Suki Cafe, she goes in-depth to give a very detailed review (with many pix) of the eatery. The bottom line, for her:

I love, love, love, the Suki Cafe…will you marry me? Wait never-mind, I’m already taken…how about an affair? If you live in Great Falls and haven’t been to the Suki Cafe, go now! I mean it, get in your car and go, you won’t regret it!

Go read the whole review, and say hi to The Kitchen Witch!


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  1. You just showed me my new favorite blog ever! not for the Suki cafe review but all the awesome recipes! Makes cooking look easy… I’m not much of a cook.

    Thanks, Dave!

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