Apartment Rentals

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Got an e-mail from a reader in Colorado who is moving to Great Falls this summer; he wanted to know about finding an apartment, so I sent him a link to my “For Rent” entry from a while back, and he sent the following reply:

Thank you so much for your reply. I called Kelly with J&K Reality and she was MORE than helpful…Kelly seems to have some good advice and locations that I may be interested in and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about my move now.

Much obliged! I’m glad that Kelly was an excellent “spokeswoman” for Great Falls business and hospitality!

Here’s a refresher on the apartment websites: J&K Property Management; Macek Companies; RentGF; Maas Properties. If you know of any other online resources for finding apartments in Great Falls, drop a comment or e-mail me.

UPDATE: thanks to Kirsten in the comments for pointing out the Neighborworks rental list (pdf)! Also be sure to check out Craigslist.



  1. My husband and I are moving to GF the first week of August from NJ with a mellow dog. I will be a professor at UGF and my husband is a boiler operator…We can’t seem to find any pet friendly rentals at all and are getting very anxious

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