iPad Demo

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AJ was a great sport for doing a “demo” of the iPad for KRTV – thanks AJ! And as resistant as I am to most things Apple…I’ll admit to a little drool over this.

By the way – if you’ve never visited AJ’s place, you should. He’s good – really good.



  1. I used to be resistant to most things Apple until I had to get an Apple MacBook Pro for my school…now I wonder why I wasted so much of my life on the Window’s based PCs. Once you go Mac you’ll never go back (ok, sometimes as I still have a PC netbook)

  2. Aw, shucks, David, thanks! Had a great time doing the interview.

    Todd, are you in Great Falls? I’d assume other folks ordered them online, but I haven’t heard of any others just yet.

  3. No AJ, I’m in Helena…and the guy that had the IPad at our club meeting did order it on-line. He was so excited about getting it he said as soon as he found out it had shipped he tracked it about every hour or so until it was on his door step.

  4. I’ve heard more than enough about Mr. Tooley and his IPad from my wife. She’s already told me she is getting one and then unilaterally ended the discussion. Maybe she will let me play with it when it comes but I doubt it. Thanks for the help AJ.

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