Speed Limit

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How many of you know that the speed limit on Central Avenue between 9th Street and 14th Street is 25 miles per hour? Clearly, not all of you know that. Well, the folks reading this know it, because you’re smart, observant, and law-abiding, right? But there are MANY people who think that the speed limit on that part of Central Avenue is 30 or 35 mph.

I know, I know, it feels somewhat…unnatural…to drive that slow on that stretch of road, but as I’ve said before: I drive the speed limit because it’s the law, AND because I can’t afford a speeding ticket. So please don’t shoot me nasty looks or a finger just because you have to get to the red light at 9th Street ahead of me.



  1. This ‘may’ be because on the one-ways, 1st and 2nd ave N & S the speed limit is 30, until you hit about 7th or 6th (heading downtown), that and people also seem to feel that you can ‘safely’ travel about 5 mph faster than the speed limit and they won’t pull you over.

    Not playin’ devils advocate, just sayin’.

  2. Also, on a related matter: The fine for exceeding the speed limit in school zones is now $250. So where you might feel ok with speeding downtown, you better think twice around our schools. Nuff said.

  3. Ok, Ok, I recant my earlier post (#1) above. (it was made before I went into work) So I swear they re-zoned the speed limit areas when I wasn’t looking. 🙁 25mph begins (at least) at 9th street. So yes, listen to what the man says. The law is the law.

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