Blown Away?

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Stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond over the weekend, and finally got to see some of the new Dyson “bladeless” fans in action:

I’m a fan junkie – can’t sleep without at least one blowing! – and as cool as these things look, there is just no way to justify spending $300 for a fan. For that kind of money, I’d want a Hollywood sound-stage type fan that can crank up an F-2 level tornado. These Dyson fans look nifty, and they generated a decent breeze, but nothing you couldn’t achieve with a simple $20 desktop fan.

As the headline at Engadget read: “Dyson’s Air Multiplier is the overpriced bladeless fan you never asked for” – yup.



  1. These are awesome. I’ve seen the video demo online but now I can run down to the store and check it out, alright! Let’s meet there Dave and we can stand there in awe. šŸ˜‰

  2. Hey, David, Sam’s club has those “special” soundstage fans for like $300 maybe $400? A toy and a fan all in one with the ones at Sam’s club.

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