Suki Cafe

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Went to the Suki Cafe for the first time. I’m not a fan of sushi or Thai food, but I had already eaten, so we went there to satisfy Krista’s craving for Pad Thai. A quick scan of the menu confirmed that there was nothing remotely appetizing to my simple palate – except for one thing: Fried Banana With Ice Cream. Huh? OK, so I tried it, and it was just as advertised. One banana, cut into four pieces and then fried, served with (tasty) vanilla ice cream. And Krista very much enjoyed her soup and entree.

What really impressed me, though, was the atmosphere and decor – it’s a very lovely restaurant. The folks who converted Big Sky Bagel into the Suki Cafe did a great job. Nice touch: several flat-screens scattered along the walls displaying beautiful scenery (tropical beach, snow-topped mountains and lake, etc). The service was very friendly and quick, too.

Suki Cafe in Great Falls

Here’s a few reviews on Google, and some comments from my earlier entry about Suki Cafe.

Suki Cafe: 1229 10th Avenue South; phone # 770-3037



  1. That ice cream looks good, even without the eggrolls attached to it. We got a new camera at work today and it actually has a FOOD setting. Oh and try the pad thai. I do loves me some of that.

  2. I was never a fan of sushi either, but there are two extremely tasty items on the menu at the Suki Cafe:

    – The Great Falls roll: crab, eel avocado and cream cheese with a sweet oriental sauce.
    – Lovely Crab roll: Crab, Cucumber, salmon, sliced lemon.

    If you have never tried sushi, I recommend the Great Falls roll, hands down. You may think “Eel? NASTY!” but it honestly tastes (and feels) like canned tuna. The sweet sauce they put on the top is what you taste for the greater part so the Great Falls is the best way to ‘test the waters’ with sushi.

    The Lovely Crab roll doesn’t sound as exotic with just crab and salmon, and it was the first dish I’ve tried at the Suki Cafe. This one is a little harder to eat if you have a thing about uncooked fish, as there is a thin slice of pink salmon meat on each roll with a small lemon sliver. I expected the uncooked salmon to be slimy and rubbery, but it wasn’t slimy and the fish was easy to chew.

    Sushi isn’t for everyone, but everyone should at least try it before they pass judgment. I’ve even gotten my own parents to try it and, after wrinkling their noses and saying “I’m not eating anything that’s not cooked!” they actually really enjoyed it.

  3. DO NOT waste your money on the Suki Cafe. Tonight they not only let my order go cold before delivering it to me, but they messed it up and gave me no vegetables in a steamed vegetable/chicken Teriyaki. Since it was to go, I didn’t notice until I got home. When I attempted to inform them of the mistake and as for a refund, they accused me of eating some of the food and trying to return it. They also yelled at my wife and hung up on her when she tried to complain as well. They still have my money, so make sure they don’t get yours as well.

  4. I have been to the Suki Cafe once. I am not sure if I will go again. The waitress who took my order and brought me my soup was pleasant enough, but the service was quite slow and so I needed to have them put my main entree in a to go box as my lunch time was nearly up and I needed to get back to work. When my go box was brought out the woman who handed it to me (not the first waitress, btw)was quite rude and reprimanded me for ordering the lunch special to go because soup does not come with the lunch special(I had no idea that the Pad Thai was the lunch special, and I was ordering off of the dinner menu, which I thought the first waitress had understood; I also got charged the dinner price) I was also disappointed by the size of the entree that I received (apparently a lunch-sized portion) and the flavor did not hold up well to other Pad Thai dishes I’ve had.

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