1. I think it refers to Billy Johns, a former owner who was sent packing – quite a nasty little man. I met him once and that was quite enough.

  2. The guy is a scam artist from Florida and Texas. He has scammed more than 100 people across multiple states with sham trusts and faulty real estate Notes. He defaults on his Notes and takes your money. He was being sued in MT. and while that was brewing he sold his interest to the band leader Chris Stacy. Then, because he was still at risk as a Note holder he advertised his Note and flipped it to an “investor” while lying about many many things just to skip town. He left many contractors and suppliers to the bar still owing about tens of thousand $$$$. Yes, there is much more to learn about Billy. The law will catch up to him. There is a network of victims if interested in learning more. 360-513-5465

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