Through The Looking Glass

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Now that the crowds have died down, we went to see “Alice In Wonderland” today. I was somewhat skeptical of the 3-D aspect of it, but it turned out to be amazing. I think that I benefited from never having read or seen any versions of “Alice” before – I came to this experience with very few notions of what should or should not happen.

While the story was just a wee bit lacking, with the beginning and end seeming to be just sort of tacked on, the middle 95% of it was a pure visual feast – flawless, in fact. The integration of live action, CGI, 3-D, and animation (?) was perfect. My favorite character was probably the Cheshire cat.

But note this: we went to the theatre with two pairs of 3-D glasses that my daughter and her boyfriend had used on opening weekend, assuming that we would not be charged for new glasses. Wrong. The ticket price for a 3-D movie apparently is fixed, and includes glasses. Meh.

One other note: we approached the refreshment counter, and after the kids in front of us got their goodies, we stood there for about 30 seconds in front of Caitlin, who continued her conversation with her co-workers about something silly, not acknowledging us or even looking at us. I held up two fingers and waggled them between Caitlin and me, and said a bit loudly, “Caitlin – focus!” She and her fellow co-workers semi-giggled, and she then proceeded to fill our order. She was properly abashed, but not embarrassed, and she took it well.

I know she meant no harm, and she seemed like a nice kid, but her attitude exemplified exactly what infuriates so many people who go to the Carmike theatre.

And would it be appropriate for me to note the “through the looking glass” and “wonderland” reference on the day that the U.S. Congress seems to have plunged the nation into a similar sort of “wonderland,” albeit far more frightening than the one visited by Alice?



  1. How disappointing to find a nice blog about my hometown, but then discover it’s tainted by conservative politics. Start another blog about politics and leave this one for Great Falls stuff.

  2. In the words of Sergeant Hulka: LIGHTEN UP. I think you’ll find that this blog is far less partisan or political than most, kccoug.

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