Chair Force

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Once in a while I’ll go poking around on the Great Falls section of Craiglist to see if there’s anything interesting, and this qualifies:

“Yes this is a real captain kirk’s chair full size and fully functional!” (link)

I’m not sure what “fully functional” means, other than that it works as a chair – in other words, you can sit in it just as you would a non-Trek chair. I don’t the “fully functional” description means that you can push a button on the side of the chair to encourage your wife to get dinner made faster by adding more dilithium crystals to the oven’s power source.

But if you’re interested, here’s the link. The ad was posted yesterday (Mar 18), so if you want it, better hurry…although the price tag might scare off some folks (seriously). ALSO: obligatory reference to Star Trek/Montana connection.


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