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Jenny shares her secret recipe for mushroom & Swiss burgers. Mmmmm…burgers…

Some commentary about the proposed “southern arterial” over at ECW. I used to think it was a great idea…but in light of recent government budget woes and overspending at so many levels, I’m not sure it would be a wise investment.

Amy and her hubby are selling “honey supers.” I know nothing about beekeeping, but it sounds like a good deal. And how often do you get to use the word “apiary” in a blog post?

Are you enjoying the weather this week? Fred notes that Great Falls tied a record high on Tuesday. Sigh. Yes, it’s nice, but I’m already feeling nostalgic for snow.

Noticed a new Great Falls site a couple of weeks ago: Great Falls Montana Shopping. Starting slow, but seems to be growing. Worth checking out.

Travis Kavulla (who I first encountered here) has launched a website for his campaign to be elected to the Public Service Commission. Go, Travis, go!

Also: don’t forget to vote for the Hughes brothers! They’re trying to score a big prize in their quest to bring video-game design to Great Falls. Learn more here, and vote for them here!



  1. I traveled north to the Hi Line on that gorgeous Tuesday — sigh — and it reminded me of why any complaining about Great Falls weather is totally out of order. It was at least 15 degrees cooler in Havre and Malta (and doubtless around 15 degrees hotter in summer). And there is still snow *everywhere*. I’m going to go read outside!

  2. Thanks for the shout out on the honey supers. We seriously need some space.

    Also thanks for the update on everyone else, especially Kavulla’s new site. Great news.

    And as for the weather, I was all giddy with the warm temps. Kind of bummed today with the rain, but I suppose we need it. (As long as it’s not snow I’ll be okay.)

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