“Get your ducks straight!”

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There’s a lively discussion over at Electric City Weblog about the (non)-release of SME documents, and someone going by “A Taxpayer” left the following comment:

Well, the new city attorney has apparently skipped town without returning my phone call message as promised by his secretary. I wonder why we pay these guys the big bucks, when the heat is on they disappear.

And that was followed up by Mayor Michael Winters, who left the following response:

Yo ! Taxpayer !!! Get your ducks straight !! The city attorney went home for the week end—the man has not seen his family for over three weeks and certainly deserves that break–so get off his back…

It’s possible, of course, that the comment was left by someone “impersonating” Mayor Winters. But if it really was hizzoner, then kudos to him for standing up for the new city attorney (James Santoro). There’s more interaction between the Mayor and the commenters – go read the whole exchange.



  1. I am “A Taxpayer” and as such I believed I deserved a timely response from the folks (city attorneys office) who are supposed to be representing me for my “TAXPAYER BUCKS”. I posed a current legal question to this office and expected an answer or response which I have not received to this moment 3/12/10 11:19 PM Pretty simple EH!

  2. A Taxpayer, I don’t disagree that we should have answers – but your “calling out” of the city attorney just seemed a bit harsh and/or premature. I understand that they work “for” us – but they are also PEOPLE with families, doctors appointments, car repairs, kids in school, etc.

    I don’t begrudge Santoro an “early afternoon” to take care of some personal errands or family business or such, when he likely has been working 70+ hours per week since taking the new job.

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