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If you’re looking for a job, you should be following @greatfallsjobs on Twitter. They post all of their job openings; sometimes just one or two a day, but sometimes up to a dozen. One of the jobs posted this week caught my eye – here’s an abbreviated version:

Seeking an experienced professional to manage and lead staff, patrons, and activities of the Great Falls Public Library. Administratively responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling activities, services and budgeting of the library system. Supervises a staff of 21 with a total budget of $1.19M. Desire training, education and experience equivalent to a master’s degree in library science and five years progressively responsible experience in library administration, including a minimum of three years in a supervisory capacity. Grade 63, salary range mid $70s, DOQ.

Sounds like a neat gig – but are you as surprised as I am that it pays mid-$70K?



  1. For Great Falls it does seem like quite a nice salary, but for the business, not really. Both my brother and his wife are librarians in Knoxville, Tennessee. One works for the University of Tennessee and the other for the city of Knoxville. Both hold master’s degrees in library science like the ad states and both make nice fat salaries probably a bit higher than that. It is the perfect job for my brother, he has been a book worm his entire life.

  2. I am a little surprised but also pleased that Great Falls recognizes this as an important position requiring better pay.

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