Probably not Tetley or Lipton

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I don’t know if the driver of this truck (spotted at Fox Farm @ 10th Ave S) is a proud Tea Party member, or a Lefty who is so committed to mocking Tea Party members that he just couldn’t resist inscribing on his license plate the most common epithet hurled at them.

Unless I’m misreading the plate, that is, and it has nothing to do with the Tea Party at all.



  1. Or it could be this utterly disgusting thing my husband his acquaintances do.. but I’m not going to describe it.

  2. I don’t think this fellow was thinking anything about politics in this case. Try searching “tea bag” on if you want the gory details

  3. Nik, I’m vaguely aware of the term – but prefer NOT to think that somebody is so proud or enamored of the practice that he would want to display it on his license plate!

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