Off to Boz

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Had to zip down to Bozeman last week for a one-day business meeting. The drive was – duh – amazing. I love this part of the highway between Great Falls and Helena:

And this awesome view of the mountains (Bridger?) from Bozeman:

Also learned that Bozeman does NOT have a free-standing Starbucks store, so panic mode set in. Tried the Leaf & Bean, but their version of 8 shots over ice didn’t measure up, but I did enjoy the atmosphere in there. So I hit up the “mini”-Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble at the mall – much better.

Dinner was at the Montana Ale Works. Eh…not so good. I splurged and tried the fancy Kobe-style beef burger and was very disappointed. Didn’t hold a candle to my beloved Q-Burger.

But overall a good trip. Bozeman has charms, to be sure, and I really love the drive between Helena and I-90, going through Townsend.


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  1. It must just be me I think, probably because I find the drive from Helena, thru Townsend, and on to the I90 to be a bit of a bore ..

    Bozeman, however, is always just beautiful this time of year, and I’m glad you enjoyed the visit 🙂

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