Bridgemaxx Pro/Con

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Although I had no luck with Bridgemaxx (likely due to location), the Bridgemaxx entry from last year has generated some good feedback, including a comment yesterday. And today, Jenny posted about it over at her blog:

I am enjoying my Bridgemaxx service immensely and there I want to thank Jason Kunz, Al, Travis and the nice blonde lady. They gave me a new power cord without asking me what color the sky was and how it got that way. Thanks, guys and girl! Ya’ll are awesome! Also I had to call support last night, was called RIGHT back and by someone very knowledgeable. Greg. Thank you, Greg, for gettin er done!


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  1. Thanks, David! I am totally loving the Bridgemaxx! Robby and I both use it via our router and we can both watch youtube, hulu what have you and nothing slows down. We both also have their 4G usb cards and those are awesome as well. Just to clarify the only reason I had to call support was because I was being a N00b.

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