Moving to Great Falls

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A comment from Jodi, who needs some advice about moving to Great Falls:

Hi! It seems my family (hubby and 2 kids) may be moving to GF late summer, 2010. I see these posts are a little dated…I’ve been online to the property mgmt sites to get an idea about rental home prices and have found so little it frightens me. I appreciate the detailed list “Dave” posted. I’d love to hear direct with some up to date info about GF. We are currently living in Twin Falls for my hubby’s job and again my hubby’s job may be taking us to GF this time. I am a secretary with nearly 20 years of experience. I’d love to hear from anyone. /Jodi ([email protected])

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  1. Thanks, Kristen! I will most definitely check it out. We just found out we’ll be moving there as soon as our kids are finished with school here in Idaho.

    Take care,
    Jodi 🙂

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