Great Falls Gamers: Vote!

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The Hughes brothers here in Great Falls are trying to score some major cash to launch a video-game design company right here – and now their project is live and you can help them win by voting. Details via e-mail from Josh Hughes:

Our game studio has been accepted into the Pepsi Refresh Project (as some of you already know)! Please help us in the public vote!
You can vote for us every 24 hours over at (that is a direct link to our page there) – please vote every day and ask everyone you know to do the same!
We need to be in the top ten by Feb. 28th–and we are currently 71st out of 729 competitors–so we are most of the way there! We just need your help in getting those last 61 spots—please help us rock this vote so we can bring the game industry to Great Falls, Montana!

Register and vote!


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  1. As a fellow gamer and GF resident, I voted. Honestly, I think that Great Falls has the opportunity to become a high-tec hotspot, BUT it will never happen because of the following:

    Another quick LaughingMan story… sorry:
    “I was interviewing around the state for a job after college. I had some good leads in Great Falls, but every time I mentioned Great Falls to anybody in Missoula, Bozeman, or Helena I always got the same high-and-mighty attitude: ‘Oh… Great Falls… yeah…'”

    Everyone treated this town like it was dying animal on its last leg, and that wanting a job here was ludicrous. Even this video game proposal makes Great Falls sound like the Garnet Ghosttown. However, as everyone knows, Great Falls has the majority of the bells and whistles of larger MT cities like Missoula but with a better ‘small town’ atmosphere that I’ve come to enjoy.

    Until we debunk the ‘dilapidated’ MYTH that everyone around us seems to have, and really advertise the best aspects of Great Falls (Benefis Hospital, GF Symphony, the hiking trails, the bajillion golf courses, etc) we’ll never get enough young people and families to not only live and work in Great Falls, but who also actually WANT TO STAY.

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