Great Falls Callers

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As noted before, I listen to a lot of the talk radio while driving around town, and I think that Great Falls is pretty well-represented among the many callers to the national talk radio programs – given the size of our community compared to big markets, that is. I hear a caller from Great Falls on at least one of the shows every month or so, but I’ve heard two in the last 12 hours.

“KC” from Great Falls was on Jim Bohannon last night, offering an opinion about terrorist interrogations, and this morning “Jerry” from Great Falls was on Laura Ingraham’s show. Laura was razzing all of the mass-hysteria coverage of the snowstorm headed to the East Coast this weekend, and Jerry called to tell her that Montanans aren’t fazed by such, pointing out that we got 14 inches last week – without any hysteria or frenzied lines at grocery stores.


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