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Jim dropped a note that read, in part: “KTGF, channel 12 on Bresnan cable, is evidently off the air. If you tune in the channel, there’s a notice up stating all programming has ceased on the channel today. In the span of 5 or 6 years, KTGF has changed network affiliations, changed ownership, and now… appears to be off the air. Just last year, the local Fox station was off the air for almost a month because they didn’t plan for the digital conversion. You have to shake your head and laugh at the incompetence.” Ouch.

Dave sent me an e-mail based on this Chili’s entry: “What happened to the restaurants you were going to build in Billings? Word here says you are not going to, a local company bought you out.” Um…not sure what the company’s plans are in Billings. You could always drive up to Great Falls to enjoy our Chili’s, though!

Got an e-mail from Michael: “I was stationed at Malmstrom AFB from 1976 to 1977. Got married in 1977 and lived in Great Falls from 1977 to 1978.We lived at 724 1st Ave South for a year, then left for Utah July 31, 1978, and have wished we could move back as soon as possible. We loved the people and the town. We hope it hasn’t changed much.” Michael, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised at how much Great Falls hasn’t changed – and I mean that in a very positive way.

Stop by Great Falls Electric City; it’s run by Seth, and seems to be a sort of aggregrator for various Great Falls news stories and community events.

And be sure to visit Todd’s new photo-blog – good stuff.



  1. Dave is obviously ignorant of the real situation that took place with KTGF and Destiny Entertainment. There was no “incompetence” with the transition, FOX was off the air because another station was taking over the network contract, not because Destiny didnt “prepare” for the digital transition. Darnell Washington and the staff at KTGF worked very very hard to establish a local station without a network affiliation with little money and a very big dream of success in a local market. The biggest hurdle for KTGF was that we did not have the big money backing us like the NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates in town. The ignorance is that there are so many people who think they know what they are talking about when in reality they are completely clueless. Darnell Washington is a great man with a great vision and tried everything in his power to make it work, unfortunately we failed in the venture, but there is a lot Great Falls can learn from someone with the morals and standards to which Mr. Washington lives and operates his business affiliations. Not once did he compromise his values or his beliefs for a dollar, a lot of Great Falls businesses should take a cue from him.

  2. TKT – cry me a river. Had Dish satellite TV and was forced to take the local Fox affiliate when it was KTGF back in 2005. KTGF’s picture quality sucked over the Dish. Especially when Fox showed the NFC games on Sunday. I called Dish numerous times to complain and was referred to KTGF. Called them… never did get a response. In the end, I dumped Dish and went with DirecTV. I now enjoy Fox programming out of LA in HD.

    As far as what’s going on recently at KTGF… you think the station could of told it’s viewers a month ago what was going on prior to suddenly going off the air? How about a week or two ago? I called Bresnan on Monday and asked them what happened… they didn’t even know.

    You got one thing right. There are some clueless people in town.

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