Jimmy John’s

Was going to pick up a salad for my gal at Salad Creations and a sandwich at Jimmy John’s on Sunday – we hadn’t tried either place yet, but heard pretty things. Unfortunately, we learned the salad place closes at 4pm on Sunday (huh?), but Jimmy John’s was open, and it was good. Plenty of choices, lots of fun signs, and great attitude from the staff. Highly recommended.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I submit for your consideration Exhibit A as incontrovertible evidence that Ziggy is, in fact, a menace to stuffed toys everywhere, and should be convicted of the crime of de-fluffing this stuffed mouse-like creature. (My favorite part is when he looks right at the camera and has some fluff stuck on his chin!)

Prom Dresses Cheap!

Looking for a great deal on a prom dress? The folks at Central Catholic High School can help. Next Saturday, from 9am until 6pm, you can buy “worn-once” prom dresses at great prices. You can call the school at 216-3344 for more details. BTW, the school is located a few blocks south of Benefis (east campus). I love this – paying hundreds of dollars for a fancy dress that will be worn ONCE is just…


Spotted on Smelter Avenue on Saturday afternoon. This one seems pretty obvious: “Sweet Like Me”

Bridgemaxx Pro/Con

Although I had no luck with Bridgemaxx (likely due to location), the Bridgemaxx entry from last year has generated some good feedback, including a comment yesterday. And today, Jenny posted about it over at her blog: I am enjoying my Bridgemaxx service immensely and there I want to thank Jason Kunz, Al, Travis and the nice blonde lady. They gave me a new power cord without asking me what color the sky was and how…

Mardi Gras Design

You may have noticed lots of Mardi Gras decorations in downtown Great Falls recently – the downtown association sponsored a contest to see which store could come up with the best overall design. I’m happy to report that Homestead Treasures (320 Central Avenue) won, thanks to the awesome design skills and talent of my fiancee!

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