Paris Gibson graduation ceremony

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Governor Schweitzer and Jag! Attended the Paris Gibson graduation ceremony last night – it was cool to see so many happy, proud kids (and families!). The guest speaker was Governor Schweitzer, which was neat. Best of all – he brought Jag! While Schweitzer was speaking, Jag just curled up on the gym floor next to him and took a nap for the duration of the speech.

When the governor was done, I hustled to get a picture of Jag; the governor stopped and asked if I wanted a picture, and I said, “Well, yes…but of Jag!” The governor kindly obliged. I’ve met the governor before, but seeing Jag – well, that’s just downright cool.

Another cool thing about the ceremony – all of the graduates were presented with three roses, and they were then instructed to give them to three people in the audience who have made a difference in their lives. There were lots of hugs, and of course some tears.

And it was the last formal graduation ceremony for PGMS principal Cosgrove; she made a brief speech about how much she has loved working in education, and she fought back tears as she told the crowd that she has loved coming to work every single day of her career. She got a huge round of applause, and I heard from several students that they adore Cosgrove. Very nice.

And I put together a slide-show of the pictures from the event using the “Gallery” feature of the new KRTV content-management system, and included it as a link in the Paris graduation story. Give it a try, let me know how it looks/works!


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