Messages From Afghanistan

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One of my friends from my Malmstrom days, Nancy, spent the better part of her last year of AF service deployed to Afghanistan; she’s an amazing lady, and now she’s published a book about her experience. She retired from the Air Force a few months after I did, and now lives in Fort Benton. Here’s the e-mail explaining more:

I recently published a book about my time in Afghanistan called MESSAGES FROM AFGHANISTAN. It is a compilation of the emails that many of you received during my deployment. It includes some additional material and many pictures. The proceeds from book sales will be used to help build a school in Afghanistan in memory of my friend who lost his life during my deployment. I have included the website below; I’d appreciate if you would check it out; if you like it, feel free to recommend it to friends and family and to forward the info to anyone you know who might be interested. Thanks Nancy


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  1. Thanks for the link. I read the preview pages of this book and thought it was very interesting. I hope lots of people read this book so they can get a first hand idea of what our troops go through each and every day.

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