Great Falls Talk Radio

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When I’m zipping around town, my radio is always on – not too much into CDs or MP3 in the car. For music, I usually listen to 1310 KEIN or SAM 107.3, with some Q-106, 92.9, and NPR thrown in occasioanlly.

But for talk radio in Great Falls, you have to go to 1450 KQDI. Here’s the lineup:

Morning – Laura Ingraham: fair to middling. Not great, but she’s got personality and can be somewhat funny.
Morning – Voices of Montana with Aaron Flint: awesome – Aaron does a great job talking about Montana, takes calls from all across the state, and features a good variety of guests.
Mid-day – Rush Limbaugh: good stuff. I agree with him on many things, and he is very entertaining, to boot.
Afternoon – Sean Hannity: meh. Even though he’s often right about most things, his reasoning isn’t always solid, his manner is very off-putting, and he is so dang repetitive. He’s also not good with callers – too often he cuts them off, doesn’t let them complete a sentence, etc. More annoying than he’s worth.
Afternoon – Jerry Doyle: probably my favorite overall radio guy. A good blend of conservative, libertarian, and humor & entertainment.
Evening – Michael Savage: awesome. Agree with him on about 75% of things, and am just wildly entertained by the rest. Love his accent and his background.
Evening – Jim Bohannon: not bad, and very good with callers, although he does seem to talk too much, even for a radio host.
Overnight – Coast To Coast: thankfully, I’m rarely listening to the radio when this is on.

Weekends are a bit more eclectic, with Kim Komando (computers), Dr Michio Kaku (science), Barry Farber, and such.

So – do any of you ever tune in to talk radio here in GF? Got any favorites (or un-favorites)?



  1. I’m rarely in the car, but when I am I listen pretty exclusively to KQDI; whether I like the hosts or not, I’ve never liked listening to music on the radio. I don’t think terribly highly of Laura Ingraham, but for some reason I still enjoy it when I catch a few minutes of her show. Voices of Montana is very good. The next three guys are good at what they do, and it gives me something to listen to, but I’m glad I only get a few minutes of them a day because I can’t imagine the pain of hearing the same thing repeated for seven hours in a row. For me, Michael Savage is painful even for a few minutes; I prefer silence to his show. Bohannon’s good, but I hear him even more rarely than the others. And Coast to Coast is a hoot! I remember listening to that show while driving through the Nevada desert at night. Naturally, they were talking about alien abductions. A terrible show in reality, but fun. Komando and Kaku are fun, and a nice politics sorbet.

  2. I agree with your assessment. Hannity is definitely ‘meh.’I would like Glenn Beck over here. Friends have it in Kalispell, and say they really enjoy his radio program. I also really enjoy Voices of Montana. It’s important to know what’s happening in the state.

  3. Though I can’t comment on the rest of the lineup you have listed, Coast to Coast AM was a mainstay working nights back in the day when I worked in the missile field. We pretty much knew every radio station between Great Falls, Lewistown, Harlowton, etc. that was necessary to listen to it depending on where we were. Art Bell and the “Kingdom of Nye” was very entertaining as was George Noory, who at the time was on the weekends. A very good show that would occasionally give you goose bumps in the middle of the night 🙂

  4. I’m an avid KQDI listener, and mostly agree with your takes on these guys David. Aaron Flint’s great, Sean Hannity not so much. Rush is still king though — the voices, the dramatic delivery, I just can’t get enough.

  5. I love Michael Savage, he is so interesting to listen too, I agree with most of what he talks about. I really like Laura Ingrahm too, maybe it is because I am a female.

  6. During the week, I am in my car going to work, I enjoy Laura because she talks about other things besides politics in addition to politics. I use to be a huge Rush and Hannidy fan but after hearing the same thing from them since the Clinton era, they have worn rather thin, I’m as angry with the Republicans as I am at the Democrats so to hear them sing the praises of the Republican party continuously is a bit much. I loved listening to Savage on my drive home, he use to make me so incredibly mad and there were many things that I did not agree with him on but he really made me think. Too bad he is no longer on. Jerry Doyle doesn’t stir up the emotion in me but I do enjoy his show a lot and the different view points that he and his crew generate. One of the things that I have realized from listening to all of them is that they don’t have a clue what it is like to live in the West, in the country, farming or ranching.

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