Crisp Morning!

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BRRRRR! The temperature, according to my Explorer, was hovering somewhere between -29 and -24 this morning.

And check out this picture – taken from the top of the hill (Old Havre Highway) looking down towards Great Falls…the fog (clouds?) – it’s like a blanket of fluff over town!



  1. Got here from Dustbury.

    That cloud profile reminds me of winters living in Fairbanks; during the warm months one could almost forget how many power plants were scattered around town, but come winter they couldn’t be overlooked. Huge white clouds rising up and spreading out across the “bowl,” with overshooting tops right above the stacks.

    When temps were in the neighborhood of 30 below all those clouds would join up and settle down to the ground to create the ice fog we all knew and loathed.

    The power plant on the Army post just outside Fairbanks often caused visibilities on the Richardson Highway to approach negative numbers. That was lots of fun.

    But from up on the university hill above most of the fog, those manmade cloud towers sure were pretty to look at. Thanks for the reminder.

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