New Year Randomness!

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Happy New Year, everyone! Before we get too far into 2010, don’t forget: it’s pronounced “twenty-ten,” not “two thousand and ten!”

Sandra has some pretty good New Year’s resolution proposals for Great Falls’ city commission and staff – definitely worth a read.

By the way: we watched the supposedly super-scary movie “Paranormal Activity” over the holiday break…and were so underwhelmed that we have begun compiling a list of things that are scarier than “Paranormal Activity.” Among the things that are scarier: fuzzy ducklings, the Wonder Pets, and pocket lint.

If you haven’t started reading Jenn’s “Eventide Arcane” yet, you really should. It’s a blog/novel in progress, set here in Great Falls.

Speaking of writers – Great Falls’ very own NYT-bestseller Jamie Ford has a nice recap of 2009 from a published-author perspective.

Don’t forget to check out Daily Life for some amazing pictures from Curtis!

Special “happy new year” shout-out to my mom and dad, who I very much appreciate and love.



  1. I would like to add Garfield’s nephew Nermal to the scary list. I would also like to add that you should definitely read Eventide Arcane and have a very awesome Twenty Ten!

  2. Paranormal Activity wasn’t terrible. It had a decent atmosphere rather than cheap ‘jump-out-and-go-boo’ moments or the gore of slasher movies and torture-porn (SAW, Hostile, etc) that people seem to think defines ‘horror’.

    For instance, I think one of my all-time top scary movies is ‘The Changeling’ (starring George C Scott, NOT the Angelina Jolie one) because the heavy atmosphere and freaky cinematography really draws you in. Personally, I think that cheap scares are the signs of a weak movie, and that a heavy atmosphere and prolonged sense of dread is the most horrific thing you can experience in a film. Paranormal Activity did an adequate (but not stellar) job of conveying that.

  3. Heh…right on, K3v72 – in fact, the lasagna that Garfield loves so much is probably scarier, too!

    LaughinMan, some good points – as a movie, I can see Paranormal Activity being “adequate” – just not scary.

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