Weekend Update!

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Great weekend, albeit a bit chilly 🙂 It was nice seeing Dona and Grant at 3D on Friday night, and we were lucky to grab the last crab leg dinner (and some tasty grill, natch!) for dinner.
Saturday we headed to the City Bar for some sandwiches and of course we each had a Tom & Jerry (have you had yours yet?). Then it was off to get a Christmas tree from the lot on 10th Ave South at 32nd Street – a nice Douglas fir.
Watched the “Meet The Natives-USA” episode where the Tanna villagers visited Montana – very cool. They didn’t come to Great Falls – spent their time down near Belfry and Billings, apparently – but they really seemed to enjoy the “cowboy” state.
Happy Monday, everyone!

Tom & Jerry in Great Falls!


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