Car Repair Recommendations?

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Need some advice, gang: have to get four new tires and new brakes for a Ford Explorer. Sears, Midas, Firestone, Mountain Tire, Tire-Rama, other local shops – any recommendations or cautions?



  1. Go to Rick’s for the brakes. He is the best Ford guy in town.

    I buy my tires from Big O Tires. They are honest, stand by their work, sell good materials and donate to Scouting.

  2. tire rama… i take my car to the one across from bison ford. ask for mark. they will do everything you need. i have had a flat tire issue going now they have been the best.

  3. I usually go to Tire Rama (near the base), but the last time I went it took 2 1/2 hours to get a flat repaired. There were five guys working there sitting around talking about hunting. Horrible service. Never again.

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