Bresnan & SoFast Troubles

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I’ve heard a few scattered reports in recent weeks about troubles with Bresnan’s internet service, and I experienced some significant slow-downs, too. Sandra has a roundup of information and links about it.

And re: the SoFast shutdown – no answers yet, but I did speak with a regional BridgeMaxx manager last week, and was told that BridgeMaxx “purchased” the SoFast high-speed customers about a year ago, but that has nothing to do with the current situation.



  1. I had lots of slow down issues and not being able to connect at all. I spoke with @jenatbresnan and I got more satisfaction than I wanted. Customer service was exceptional. My speeds are back up but still have a problem with being able to connect at all during peak times (7pm to 9pm).

  2. I dropped my 15 MB service today. Why pay an extra 10 bucks a month to get 15 MB once
    every blue moon. If Bresnan is not going to fix their connection speed issues, I’m not
    paying them extra to do nothing.

    I agree with k3v72… I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Bresnan customer service.
    That is what makes this network speed issue hard to excuse away.

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