SoFast Problems?

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Hearing some grumbling about folks in Great Falls having trouble with SoFast, a local internet service provider. The website is down, and phone calls to them result in only busy signals. Any of you (a) having trouble with SoFast service, and/or (b) know what’s going on?

UPDATE: Some of you may know Mark Mathson of Keenpath, a friend of mine and local technology consultant; he’s offered to help businesses get back online with e-mail and web service. Tell them you read this and he’ll give you a nice discount!



  1. David,

    It actually appears to be much more of a problem then may some think. It appears their mail servers and web servers are all experiencing an outage/issues. I have heard reports of this issue going back beginning to last Monday, the 4th. I know business owners that use SoFast for their web and mail service. I haven’t talked to them yet, but I am sure they are up in arms.

    It’d be interesting to find out what the problem is. One can only speculate, DoS maybe?

  2. It is bush league to not have enough customer support staff to answer simple questions.
    If you can’t afford that, may be you shouldn’t be in business. A round of applause to
    Mr. Mathson for stepping up to help. I can’t imagine SoFast being in business
    much longer.

  3. I thought SoFast was bought out by BridgeMax? SoFast (from what my neighbor told me) had sent out notices that emails and websites would go down on a specific date and that clients would need to find alternate solutions before the deadline. I could be wrong but that is just why I have heard.

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