Speech & Debate Judges Needed

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Want to spend a little time being part of a very interesting and encouraging event? Judges are needed for a huge Speech & Debate tournament coming to Great Falls this weekend. I’ve done it a couple of times before, and it really is neat.
This is the e-mail that I received:

Greetings All! Please read the following message from CMR Speech and Debate. We are in EXTREME need of judges and would be grateful for any time spaces you would be willing to volunteer. Although we have spaces left to be filled in all events and time slots, we are currently especially low in our 8am and 1pm Speech rounds at East Middle School on Saturday, Nov 14th and ALL debate rounds at CMR for 8pm on Friday the 13th and our 2pm and 4pm rounds on Saturday. We have many reliable judges that have judged for years that cannot attend this year becuase of the Griz game, hunting, and other family obligations. We are hurting! Please fill rounds if you can and help us by forward to anyone you know who may be interested, we certainly need all the help we can get! 🙂 THANK YOU for your continued support!

On November 13-14, the best Speech and Debate students in the state of Montana will invade Great Falls for one of our state’s premiere forensics invitationals. The Electric City Invitational has a long and storied history going back to the 1950s and before.
This year, C.M. Russell High School is hosting this event in our building on the debate end, as well as at East Middle School, who is hosting the Speech portion of the venue. The leaders of tomorrow will assemble in these schools during those two days to discuss and debate the issues of today. You can be a part of this exciting opportunity by agreeing to be a judge for speech and/or debate events. (We are especially in need of debate judges this year!)

Please go to and fill out the online form. Or you can e-mail our judge coordinator, Kandi Rutledge, at judges AT talkingrustlers.com or you can call her at 268-6582 or 866-0085. No prior experience is necessary, just a set of ears and a brain!

Please consider being a part of this exciting opportunity, and feel free to invite your friends and family to do the same. Food will be provided for judges at both venues!

Just takes a few hours, and it is very worthwhile.


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