I Love Great Falls (and so do you!)

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Got an e-mail a few days ago from Ryan:

Hey there, I’ve always enjoyed your blog, but what is up with your title, “I love Great Falls So You Don’t Have Too.” It makes it sound like you’re the only one who loves our city – which is definitely not true 🙂

Ryan, thanks for the note – and believe me, I am NOT trying to slight anyone who loves our community! It’s just my attempt to “judo” the naysayers and poke a little fun at the people who love nothing more than to complain about how lame or stupid or backwater or hick or stale our wonderful community is.

But I’d love to know what everyone else thinks – is my “I love Great Falls so you don’t have to” tagline inappropriate? Does it give too much credence to the naysayers?



  1. I actually like it because it gives people the incentive to speak up and let people know they like Great Falls too.

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