Droid Lands In Great Falls!

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I don’t often indulge in fanboi tech postings here at GreaterFalls, but the new Droid has had me drooling for weeks – and today it landed! I stopped by the Cellular Plus store (Verizon agent) next to Starbucks this morning, and Sarah and John were kind enough to let me play with a Droid for a few minutes.

I’ve never really enjoyed touch-screen phones – “screens aren’t meant to be touched!” my brain screams – but I have to admit this was sweeeeeet. Took a few pix, shot a quick video – 5MB quality, very nice. Hmmmm…should my next phone be a BlackBerry Tour, or should I take the Android plunge?

Droid lands in Great Falls!

Also a cheerful “thank you!” to Sarah — when I asked her off-handedly if she reads any local blogs, she said (not knowing who I am) that she enjoys reading GreaterFalls.com!



  1. Hey David – glad you enjoyed playing with the DROID – and if it looks like I was drooling on the phone its because I pretty much was. =)

  2. I picked one up today and love it! I switched from the BB Storm and am glad I did. I think you would like the Droid. Decent email, good apps, and great browsing.

    Posted from my Droid 🙂

  3. Picked up my Droid on the 6th, by Saturday morn, we were in love.
    I love it. I upgraded from the Voyager, so ya I’m in heaven.
    Some lil things I’m not a fan of, the slide out keyboard would be better if they allowed the screen to slide up like another 16th of an inch, my thumbs just dont have enough room. But I find myself not using it cuz the vertual KB is really easy to use.
    Thant and they need to hurry up with the Adobe flash player!

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