Chaz Needs A Home!

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Do you have a good, loving home for an adorable pup?

Chaz, this 11 month old, male Chocolate Labrador cross is up for adoption.
He is neutered, house broken, kennel trained and has been given all required shots and has been well taken care of.
Chaz is a kid friendly, energetic puppy with a big heart and loves a companion that can spend time playing and throwing a ball or stick so he can fetch it.
He even shows interest in birds when taken out to a field to run! When given the opportunity, he won’t hesitate to jump in the water to take a little swim, and will stick close by when walking off a leash.

This comes from a friend of mine, and you can contact him via his Craigslist posting.

UPDATE: got an e-mail – Chaz found a home!

Chaz was adopted by a good loving family. He will have a good country life the rest of his days. Lots of room to run and breathe. Thx again!


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